We originated from personal love of tea!


From the owners of Nelson’s Tea comes HoiTea ToiTea –  Tea & Coffee for the Modern Day Drinker. With a thurst for custom craft beverages and a drive to share our love of tea, HoiTEA ToiTEA was born. Offering a centralized focus on loose leaf tea, we provide high quality beverages, including bubble tea, smoothies, brewed hot/iced tea, coffee, tea, tea lattes “Milk Teas”, and macarons. We regularly stock traditional tapioca boba, and mango/strawberry popping pearls.

Read what others had to say about HoiTEA ToiTEA:

How cute is this place — great tea selection and tons of creative options if you’re into them (bubble tea, matcha lattes, and all the expected).

You can buy loose leaf or sit down with a fresh cup.  I work remotely, so having a place to pop in for a few hours (esp. in the winter) that has good food + drink options + wifi.  There’s also a little shop within the cafe if you’re stocking up on tea supplies for yourself, plus a calendar of monthly events (tea tastings, that kind of thing).

Very nice staff as well.  Will definitely be back. - Katherine H.

Indianapolis, IN

I took the spiced tea blending class and it was loads of fun! 10/10 would do again. While I was there, I had an apricots & cream tea latte, which was epic, and enjoyed shopping in the lil retail bit. The owners were super nice, and incredibly knowledgeable. - Christy Love

The most comfortable tea (and coffee!) house in Broad Ripple by a long shot. It’s both modern and cozy, and it’s actually warm in the winter. Outstanding staff, superb products. - Christopher Collins

My husband and I attended the Art & Science of tea blending last evening and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

I’m enjoying my “Morning Immune Boost” tea right now, I blended to replace my morning coffee, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

I’m looking forward to their upcoming Pharmacology tea blending class in the future, to learn even more about the medicinal properties of all the tea, herbs & spices we use for both flavoring the tea and the health benefits. - Heather Diers

We recently went on Sunday for brunch and their unlimited champagne special! We’d been planning to go on a weekend since we took one of the tea classes their in the fall.
First the class. It was so much fun! My 2 friends had been to one before and I joined when they booked the Art of Tea, so it was painting the first half and learning about tea the 2nd part. It was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to go back and take another class. There were so many different things like bee pollen, rose petals, lavender, Hibiscus, so many options. I loved making my own tea blend.
When you take the class you get a % off some of the teas and drinks. I bought a re-fillable cup and got my first drink free!
So back to brunch! They don’t have a ton of food options, but we were there for the drinks. But really we all really liked our breakfast. Almost everyone had the special with eggs, meat, tomatoes, spinach, and your choice of bagel or scone. Everyone got a scone. I missed the pink one I had gotten at the class, but now they make them, and they were way better! But my favorite was the macaroons! So pretty and tasty! I joined the rewards program and had a free one and we bought several more, all delicious! And the goat cheese caprese was amazing!
Half of us got the champagne tea drinks and some got mimosas and one just got hot tea. You do have to go to the counter to order. But they did bring us our food.
My favorite tea champagne cocktail was lemon ginger and the Mexican chocolate! I can’t wait to go back and do this again! All my friends are still raving about it and are kicking ourselves for not going sooner. It takes a miracle to get a day for all our schedules to be free, but we will be back!

And so awesome to have parking in the back. I didn’t know that the first 2 times. It does share the lot, but we found a spot.
Check out a class! Go on a weekend for brunch. Come for a lovely tea latte! Buy tea! - Chrissy C.

Carmel, IN

I expect a place that specializes in TEA to have flavorful options.  What I didn’t expect was a delicious soup, sandwich, and dessert as well!
After driving up the alley from 62nd Street to access the free parking behind the store, I entered the rear of the building and proceeded down the hallway to the back entrance of the shop.  I noticed quite a few racks of shop items and assorted “gift ideas” on the south side of the dining area.  There was also a comfy couch section and a couple dining areas.
The menu consists of breakfast and lunch items, numerous tea and beverage options, and a number of desserts (located on the north wall near the order counter).  I placed my order for a lunch meal which includes the sandwich and a small tea (chips are available.)  I decided to go with the BST (Bacon Spinach Tomato) sandwich on an “everything” bagel.  Everything was fresh and the veggies were colorful.  The bagel was thick and chewy, but not so much as to be difficult to eat.  Just a nice texture that complemented the crispy thick bacon.  Excellent!
I also ordered the soup of the day which was a Loaded Baked Potato:  Wow!  It was so dense that I thought it was potato salad, but was loaded with flavor like a great soup has.  Definitely get this if you go on a cold winter day.
Since I was Yelping, I asked for my free macaron as well.  I chose a Hazelnut that was fresh and tasty too.  Are you seeing the pattern that all the food was great?
And I did try a White Chocolate Blueberry tea that was served in a simple cup on a saucer, but even though it didn’t have the color and visual impact of the food, the flavor was great.
The staff was friendly and helpful.  I paid for my order at the time I placed it at the counter and since it wasn’t busy, they delivered it to a table I picked out.  Otherwise, they have a pick up area on the other end of the counter.  The napkins and silverware are self help at a small table on the south wall.  Patrons are expected to bus their own tables when finished.
Overall, a delicious meal in a quiet and comfy surrounding.  I definitely enjoyed my visit. Ken N.

Mooresville, IN